Bradburyesque Writing

Ray Bradbury was likely the most innovative writer of the 20th century. Now, that may be a debatable statement, but the fact remains that he wrote Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Quirk, and Childhood Nostalgia--often seamlessly blending two or more of these genres in a single story, thus proving his natural, and indispensable, genius that was shockingly insightful and even prophetic in its literary scope. Bradbury's vibrant style filled with children exploring the strange worlds around them, magical souls intent on being themselves despite what they are told they must be or do, far-flung planetary landscapes peopled with humans still in possession of their unique and beautiful personalities as well as their foibles, and heartfelt tales of 'regular joes' invisible to everyone except this brilliant writer's delving and well-trained eye will always intrigue and inspire those of us who love literature that nurtures and ignites the fires of our imaginations. Yet, it would seem that only few writers have taken up the literary mantle of Ray Bradbury. If you happen to be one of them, then tell your stories fearlessly, provocatively, and with the belief that once they are published. they will be read and enjoyed by dear friends. As writers, we are mandated to write outside of ourselves, outside of our perceived boundaries, outside of our prejudices, and outside of all hindrances as we focus, like Bradbury, on the splendid loving power and godlike potential of every single person born into our world.

For Bradburyesque writing published by Twelve House Books, have a look at:

- The Coffin with the Eleven-Year-Old Myself by Stefani Christova

- Between the Walls of Opposing Houses by David Kart

- Children & Their Cages by Evan James Sheldon

- The Week of Three Fingers by Scath Beorh